Can you tell me about abortion clinics in the Netherlands (Holland)?

Can you tell me about abortion clinics in the Netherlands (Holland)?

Although England remains a popular destination with women in Malta who need to have an abortion in a clinic, the Netherlands is also a very viable option due to its progressive abortion laws allowing abortion up to 23 weeks in most cases, and the availability of regular flights from Malta to the Netherlands.
An advantage of the Netherlands over England is that the Netherlands is a member of the Schengen Area, which means you only need a Maltese ID card or Maltese residence permit to travel. For the UK, you may need to arrange a visa if you do not have a Maltese passport.
Here are some clinics in the Netherlands. Are all accessible from Amsterdam (AMS) airport:
Vrelinghuis Utrecht
Tel: +31 302333542
Treatment up to 22nd week of pregnancy 
Stichting Abortuskliniek Amsterdam
Tel:+31 206932151  
Treatment up to 18 weeks of pregnancy
Bloemenhove in Heemstede
Phone: +31 235289890 
Treatments up to 23 weeks of pregnancy
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