How can Abortion Support Network (ASN) help me?

How can Abortion Support Network (ASN) help me?

Arranging a trip to an abortion clinic abroad can be quite complex. If you want guidance and advice on how to book, you can get help from Abortion Support Network (ASN). ASN is a UK-based charity that assists women in Malta who need to travel for an abortion abroad. They can help you find appropriate clinics, book flights and accommodation, and can even help pay for part of your abortion costs if you cannot afford it.
Contact ASN by calling 27780991. If they do not answer the phone, leave them an answer phone message and they will call you back. You can also send them an email on ASN have one volunteer who speaks Maltese, and other volunteers speak English.
ASN will assess your financial needs and provide confidential, non-judgmental information and advice on the least expensive method of abortion and travel. If a grant is awarded, ASN pays the clinic directly, reducing the amount you pay. If you require an overnight stay, ASN will arrange for you to stay in the home of a volunteer (England and Netherlands only) or provide information on inexpensive accommodation. Hosts provide a place to stay, meals while you are with them, and in some cases can bring you to and pick you up from the clinic.
If you prefer to have an abortion with pills at home, ASN can still help you by providing information on reputable abortion pill providers. However, you may wish to contact the abortion pill providers Women on Web or Women Help Women directly to avoid delay.

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