How do I get condoms in Malta?

How do I get condoms in Malta?

The male condoms, ie: the ones that cover the penis, are widely available in Malta and cost around 1 Euro each. They come in different shapes, thickness, and taste.
Male condoms can be bought from pharmacies, from online retailers such as Pleasure Malta, and from vending machines found in restrooms and some educational establishments such as the University of Malta.
Most male condoms are made of latex but if you have a latex allergy you can buy latex-free condoms from pharmacies.
Female condoms, ie: the ones inserted by the woman into her vagina, are less commonly available in Malta but can be bought from online retailers such as Pleasure Malta. They tend to be more expensive than male condoms.
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    • How much do condoms cost in Malta?

      Male condoms cost about 1 Euro each. Female condoms are about 5 Euro each.
    • Can I buy condoms online?

      Yes, you can buy condoms from online sex shops such as Pleasure Malta, or from international online retailers such as Amazon. There may be others if you search on Google.
    • How effective are condoms?

      When used perfectly, male condoms prevent pregnancy in 98% of cases, but this is closer to 85% in real life. Failure rates for female condoms tend to be slightly higher than those of male condoms. Other contraceptives such as the pill, an IUD, or an ...
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