How much does the contraceptive injection cost?

How much does the contraceptive injection cost?

In Malta, the Depo-Provera - which is a type of contraceptive injection - costs about 50 Euro per dose. Sayana Press is also available for a similar price. They last for 13 weeks (around three months).
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    • How much do contraceptive pills cost?

      In Malta, the contraceptive pills usually cost between 8 to 15 Euros per month, depending on the brand.
    • What is the contraceptive injection?

      The contraceptive injection is a type of long acting contraceptive that is given as a liquid injection into the muscle. Most contraceptive injections protect against pregnancy for 13 weeks. Unlike other long acting contraceptives, the contraceptive ...
    • How much does the contraceptive implant cost?

      The Implanon NXT, which is an implant that is available in Malta and lasts for three years, costs around 185 Euro. This does not include doctors' fees and clinic fees. It is common for the total cost of insertion of an implant to be around 300 Euro, ...
    • Monthly cost of contraception in Malta

      Long acting contraceptives (such as the IUD and the implant) usually have a much higher price per unit than short acting contraceptives (such as condoms and the contraceptive pill). However, long acting contraceptives also have a much longer ...
    • How does the contraceptive injection work?

      The contraceptive injection contains one hormone of the progestogen class that blocks ovulation, and therefore prevents you from getting pregnant. Each dose contains enough hormones to protect you for 13 weeks. The contraceptive injection does not ...