How much will an abortion cost?

How much will an abortion cost?

This will depend on the abortion method chosen, and how far along you are in your pregnancy. An abortion with pills is considerably cheaper than an abortion in a clinic.
Women on Web and Women Help Women are providers of abortion pills that can be used at home in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. They usually request a donation of around EUR 100 to cover the cost of the pills and postage.
An abortion in clinic will be more expensive. Prices start from EUR 800 for abortions of under 14 weeks, which can be performed with a simple vacuum aspiration, and increase to over EUR 1,500 for pregnancies beyong 14 weeks which require more technically demanding surgical techniques called dilation and evacuation. These figures are just the clinic fees and there will be other expenses that add to the total cost of an abortion trip, including flights, accommodation, and substinence costs. Abortion Support Network could help you pay for some of these expenses if you cannot afford them.
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